About Shuke's Champagne Goldens

We are long time breeders of Golden Retrievers on an acre of property just outside of Stoney Creek, Ont. (Winona) where we take great care to ensure our breeding dogs have hereditary defect clearances before they become Moms and Dads. Our home, not a kennel, has a special room, with a whelping box, where our puppies are raised with fun and love, a dog door leading to a large fenced yard, and a lot of water on the floor since our Goldens think the water at the bottom of the dish is best. Our dogs have the run of the house and enjoy being our pets first and our breeders second.

Special thank you to breeder/friends Helen Lackey and Lorrie Scriber of Quinleighblu, Ruth King of Excelsior, Dr. Bob, Dr. Kadri, their associates and great staff at the Dunnville Veterinary Clinic for all their help and support.